Back to School Computer Tune-up, repair and sales at Wickenburg Computers

Is your computer running slow? We can assist with cleaning and a tune-up or any repairs needed on your current computer. Many computers are infected with fake antiviruses, excessive toolbars and other unneeded or unwanted programs that slow them down. Wickenburg Computers will come to your home or office and make your computer ready for […] Read more »

High Speed Internet Services Availlable

High Speed Internet Services Available for your home or business. Wickenburg Computers is pleased to announce the availability of Trucom Microwave Service throughout the Wickenburg area.  Trucom currently provides wireless internet services in the Wickenburg/Congress areas under the name of Bluewire. Do you live in the fringe areas of Wickenburg or Congress? Bluewire provides quality, […] Read more »

Data Recovery Thanks!

Wanted to send a Thanks to Gillware Data Recovery for taking great care of our customers. Sherry Hunt of Anita’s Cocina and Nana’s Restaurants. Sherry brought her computers to us and was worried about some irreplacable photos. The hard drive was damaged beyond repair and we sent it to Gillware for recovery. Sherry reported that […] Read more »

Wickenburg Computer Recycling

Need to get rid of an old computer, monitor or printer? Did you know that Wickenburg Recyclyng will take those off your hands? They will also pay your for the recyclable material. Wickenburg Recycling is located just west of the Airport in the industrial park. Read more »

Data Recovery Partnership

Wickenburg Computer Repair Services expanding with new partnership!   If you experience a hard drive failure, we can help you recover your data. Our professionals start by taking a careful look at what led to your data loss. You can be assured that our professionals take care to avoid many of the missteps that can […] Read more »

New Website Announcement

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website for Wickenburg Computers. By updating our main site, we’ve been able to improve navigation, connect visitors with our services and provide remote connection capabilities. The primary objective of the new Wickenburg Computers website is to provide an effective service based tool.  “The new […] Read more »