How We Work

We come to you. Where do you use your computer? You use your computer in your office or home and our service call allows us to fix your computer there. We believe most computer repairs can be performed right where you use the computer. We are able to provide you with a quicker repair time. This eliminates the need for you to take the computer to the shop and wait for the call to have you come back and pick it up. We can then ensure the computer works properly with the rest of your equipment. We carry the most common replacement parts, but if needed we can order the necessary part and return to complete the repairs. If more extensive problems or extended time is needed we will take the computer to our shop and provide the needed repairs and return to setup and again ensure it works properly at your location. Whether you have a virus/malware, networking problem, a computer that won’t start, we will work to provide you with the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

Services – Including but not limited to –
Computer Setup
Computer repair
Virus and Malware removal.
Remote Assistance

Need a website or custom programming? We will work with outside vendors if needed to help you obtain your goals.
Contact Wickenburg Computers to schedule your service call or inquire about your needs.