Data Recovery Partnership

Wickenburg Computer Repair Services expanding with new partnership!

If you experience a hard drive failure, we can help you recover your data. Our professionals start by taking a careful look at what led to your data loss. You can be assured that our professionals take care to avoid many of the missteps that can put a failed drive at further risk of having unrecoverable data. Our track record for completing a data recovery job in-house is good. When the cause of the drive failure involves internal problems, we refer the case to Gillware Inc., the best data recovery lab we’ve found. Engineers at Gillware will evaluate your drive and will estimate the cost of the recovery based on whether clean room work will be necessary, as well as other factors. Gillware does not charge any fee unless you are satisfied with the recovered data, which you will be able to verify in advance. Data losses can be devastating, and we’re here to make sure you have the best possible chance at recovery.

 We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner

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