High Speed Internet Services Availlable

High Speed Internet Services Available for your home or business.

Wickenburg Computers is pleased to announce the availability of Trucom Microwave Service throughout the Wickenburg area.  Trucom currently provides wireless internet services in the Wickenburg/Congress areas under the name of Bluewire. Do you live in the fringe areas of Wickenburg or Congress? Bluewire provides quality, reliable wireless internet services to these areas not covered by Cable or DSL internet providers. There are different service and pricing levels available.

Contact Trucom/Bluewire for your installation or to schedule a site survey to determine if service is available to your home or business. (Our service may not be available to you even if you are within one of our coverage areas. Due to the line of sight requirements of our network, obstructions such as terrain, buildings and vegetation may make it impossible for a valid connection. A qualifying site survey, at no charge, may be required to determine serviceability to your area.)
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